Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many directories can I submit my site?
ANSWER: There is no such thing as a good number of directories to submit to since there can be no real harm in submitting to as many directories possible. How many you submit to, would ideally depend on your budget. We offer the flexibility to choose between submitting to the entire list of directories.

2. How do I know my links have been approved?
ANSWER: To find out whether you have been listed in our directory you could do the following: Check your email regularly as we send out emails acknowledging submissions made and some of them also send out follow-up mails informing you of whether your site has been approved.

3. What kind of results can I expect from making submission to the directory?
ANSWER: Once submissions are made, it take anywhere between 3–5 days for the directory to approve your site. During this time, your submission is inspected by a human manually for approval or otherwise.

4. Will it be considered suspicious by the search engines if I made a large number of submissions to your directory?
ANSWER: Because your submissions are done manually by a human, it takes time before you get your links from the directory after submissions. Even if you submit a high number of links at once, not all will be reviewed and listed at once, therefore search engines will not get them at once. Otherwise, it is not always that your submissions will be suspicious so long as they follow the 40:40:20 Google penguin update.

5. Will submitting my link on your directory help my site?
ANSWER: Yes. According to Google, the industry standard, by creating back links from other site helps to promote your site. Once the link submission is accepted and listed, you can expect the results.

6. What happens if I submit duplicate content in different directories?
ANSWER: In most cases, duplicate submissions will not be allowed since directories check their database for the presence of the same URL before accepting a submission. If a match is found, the directory returns an error such as 'Link Already Exists', which prevents a duplicate submission.

7. Can my site stay on the directory permanently?
ANSWER: If your links are approved and put up, they should be on the directory for as long as the directory exists (which, in most cases, will be a long time)

8. My site is specific to USA, UK, or other country, is it relevant to submit in the directory?
ANSWER: All the directories including my Danny SEO are general English directories targeting a global English speaking audience. The directory has a broad range of categories and subcategories under which mostly all sites can be listed.

9. Is it worth submitting to PR0 directories?
ANSWER: Yes, it is worth submitting to PR0 directories, because quite a few, if not all of these directories, have the potential to increase in PR over time. Every directory that has a PR of 4, 5 or 6 today, was once a PR0 directory. This in no way means that the present PR0 directories are poor quality directories

10. How do I improve acceptance of my submission in the directory?
ANSWER: There are several things you can do to ensure that your site stands a good chance of being approved. Regarding the site: The site should be fully operational and not under construction, the site should be well structured and easy to navigate, the site should contain a substantial amount of quality and informative content.